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A BRIEF HISTORY of the TOWN of URANIA And its Schools

Urania Long Ago

Henry Hardtner, 'Father of Southern Forestry' led movement for reforestation

The Bucksnort Tavern - 1896

Hinton Camp

Urania Folks

Urania Early Settlers

Urania Nicknames

Mill Workers - 1926

Mill Workers - 1944

The Rosinbelly

The Knotheads

Urania Landmarks

Urania Commissary

Potty Tannehill Memorial Park

Cypress Tree House

Hardtner Memorial Hospital

Urania Lumber Company Office

Urania Motor Company

Urania Train Depot

Urania Churches

Urania First Baptist Church

Urania Methodist Church

Urania Pentecostal Church

The First New Union Church and Cemetery

Pine Hill Baptist Church

Urania Lumber Company

Old Time Logging

Urania Lumber Company Mill

Creosote Plant

Urania Schools

Urania High School Graduates 1919 - 1950