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This office building served the company for many years but the year of its erection remains a mystery. From memory of some, it was at least in the 1930’s and probably before that. In that time (1930’s) it was staffed by the following:

Quinton T. Hardtner – President and CEO
Ed Blevins – Vice President and assistant to Mr. Hardtner
Ham Johnson – Payroll Clerk
Fred Minard – Payroll Clerk
William Carson Procter – Lumber Salesman
A forester but name unknown until Glen “Potty” Tannehill came later.
Later, the following worked there at various times:
Annie Ruth Graham Minard
Sybil Hixon
Seddy Walsh
Max Maxwell
Damon Bradford
Chilies Dozier

Some time before the company sold out to Georgia Pacific (later Louisiana Pacific) in the 1960’s, this building burned along with many records, correspondence and photographs. The present structure was then built and has been vacant after Louisiana Pacific left.

E. Forrest Cook
November 10, 2012


The Office today



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