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The 'Potty' Tannehill Memorial Park



"The Park" is one of the most beloved landmarks for anyone who grew up in Urania. Generations of children have played there. The Park fell into disrepair for some years. In a tree fell on the cabin and broke through the roof. The town repaired the cabin and restored the park. It has been expanded and continues to be a gathering place for Urania families.


The Cabin

The original structure from which the logs used in the construction of this log cabin was built ca 1850 at another location. In the mid 1930’s, that cabin was dismantled, the logs hauled to Urania on log cars of the Natchez, Urania and Ruston Railroad; the logging line owned and operated by the Urania Lumber Company.

It was then reconstructed by carpenters of the company in the mid 1930’s and used for many community activities such as weddings and on at least one occasion, for a funeral memorial. It was also a chapel of the Episcopal faith, connected to the mother church in Pineville, LA. The park itself was a memorial to Henry Ernst Hardtner, founder of The Urania Lumber Company who was also known as the “Father of Southern Reforestation.”

In the 1990’s, a storm blew over a large oak tree onto the cabin which caved in the roof and there it stood for several years exposed to the elements. But with funds collected from residents and former residents as well as volunteer labor, it was rebuilt in even better condition than before.

This log cabin is a testament to the determination and pride of the citizens of Urania to honor our past as well as the present. The cement used to chink between the logs is indicative of the strong bond that binds us together as citizens of this small community.

E. Forrest Cook
December 30, 2011

I am adding this to the history of the “Knotheads” renovation of the cabin after the oak tree fell on it. In talking to Jerry M. Harris, a member of “The Knothead Society”, he advised that some of the logs were broken from the accident and he took old electric and telephone poles to a saw mill, had them halved and replaced the broken logs. Then, with the help of labor from the local prison, the old mud and moss chinking, or what was left of it, was removed and replaced with mortar mix.


The Park through the years

Cabin restoration

The Park today



Glen "Potty" Tannehill





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