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Hinton Camp


There were several camps established from time to time and I’ve heard the names Cox and Whitehead camps mentioned but the semi permanent camp was Hinton which had a small commissary and a few houses but most of the worker’s and their families were housed in converted boxcars. The commissary was run by Grady Hinton, Sr. and Ben Babcock. There was also a school in the community. Not to belittle the folks living in the area but I can remember times when we would go to visit my Uncle George and Aunt Dottie Hatten and a car on the camp road (now called The Jim Tom Mayes Road) was so rare that people would actually run to the porch or yard to see the car passing. Much of the traffic to and from Urania was by a Model T Ford adapted to run on the railroad. Also, as you will see in the following photo, they had adapted a bicycle to run on the rails and that was used locally as needed.

From L to R - Francis Marion Smith holding Gladys Smith (married Jay Newton Bailey) Mrs. Smith, Steve and Mrs. Babcock and Grady Hinton, Sr. Photo about 1912.







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