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Urania Methodist Church


The Methodist, we feel sure built their building along about the same time as the Baptist did when  they quit using the old two story “Woodman Hall” for their meetings. Below is a picture of the church building as it stands today. It is a very beautiful old building, well kept by the congregation and in my opinion, should be on the Register of Historic Buildings. The interior of the sanctuary is of planks of every known hardwood tree in this area; very beautiful. The woodwork around the altar platform was constructed by J. D. “Giant” Mosley and is of superb quality in both materials and workmanship.

From 1924 through about 1930, two female pastors by the name of M. E. Bartlett and Mary Perdue visited and held services at Urania. It isn’t believed that during that time, there was a full time resident pastor. However, the records aren’t very plain during those times so the following preachers are based on the best information available. 1931 W. M. Nelson, 1933 E. Grael?, 1935 F. L. Hearne, 1937 J. A. Wade, 1938 J. W. Lee, 1940 L. R. Neese, Jr., 1941 Jerome Cain, 1943 A. D. George, 1946 N. Harwood, 1947 James E. Ward, 1948 John F. Kellogg, 1950 W. Hall, Jr., 1956 John Kellogg, 1957 W. T. Hall, Jr., 959 Ed Pickens, 1960 John P. Bell, 1961 J. W. Matthews, 1962 E. W. Sandel, 1972 Roy Spiller, 1973 James McLelland, 1977 Jay R. Rogers, 1980 J. T. Cupples.





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